Bernal Heights Parents Club

The Bernal Heights Parents Club offers fun, information, and support to Bernal Heights parents of babies and young children. Moved from Yahoo GroupsĀ in November 2019
Year Established: 2005
Number of Members: 3000 - 4000
Neighborhoods: Bernal Heights
Format: Email List

Mission Bernal Parents

A new group for parents in Bernal Heights, the Mission, and surrounding neighborhoods.. A place to share resources and connect with other local parents.
Year Established: 2015
Number of Members: 1000 - 2000
Neighborhoods: Bernal Heights Mission
Format: Facebook

San Francisco Moms Blog Facebook Groups

18 Neighborhood Groups! Our goal is to connect local moms online and offline through messages, play dates, and events to make San Francisco feel a little smaller. If you live on the peninsula, not to worry. We will have something similar coming soon!
Format: Facebook