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Hello! This is the information and signup form for the PHS Parent interest group email lists. We’re planning to launch these at the start of the 2024-2025 school year and we appreciate any feedback.

There are currently three lists you can join. Short descriptions and example use cases below:

Discussion for anyone who bikes, or wants to bike more! Talk about bike commuting, kids biking events, bike gear recommendations, organize a bike bus to school, etc. Example emails: “How old was your kid when they started biking to PHS? What route do you take?” or “What cargo bike do you recommend for my two kids?”

Discussion for families who like to camp! Note, this is not meant to replace the school-wide annual camping trip, but instead can be used for smaller organized camping trips, recommendations, booking advice, gear advice, etc. Example emails: “We’d love to go camping within two hours this summer, where should we go?” or “Can anyone recommend a good tent for larger kids?”

Giveaway / Buy Nothing
Similar to neighborhood Buy Nothing groups, meant to facilitate the exchange of items between PHS families at no cost. Items can be left in box in the PHS lobby to be picked up the same day by another family. Example emails: “Giving: Backpack and shoes in good condition” or “ISO: Rain jacket for a 8 year old”

These are email based (listserv-style) groups and no further software or signup is needed. The system running the groups is, and when you enter your email below you’ll receive an email invite to optionally set a password to log into their backend. This is not required, and you can continue to send/receive emails without ever logging in. However if you want to change your preferences or view historical email archives you’ll need to set a password and log in at

You’ll receive a few confirmation emails once you submit the form below, depending on your subgroup selections:

  • You have been added to the group (NEED TO EDIT)
  • Welcome to (NEED TO EDIT)
  • Welcome to (NEED TO EDIT)
  • Welcome to (NEED TO EDIT)
  • Welcome to (NEED TO EDIT)

To add

  • How to post to the groups (also covered in welcome emails)
  • Info about who’s running this
  • How to suggest new groups, criteria to do so
  • General terms – PHS Class WhatsApp Group Community Guidelines, below
  • Additional groups? Skiing?

PHS Signup test



PHS Class WhatsApp Group Community Guidelines

Class WhatsApp groups allow families to communicate easily about school and other kid related topics and share information, ask questions, and share resources with the entire group of parents who have opted into receiving them.

The groups are monitored by the PGA Room Reps (not PHS staff or teachers) who would appreciate if parents and guardians respect the following community guidelines while using class WhatsApp groups:

Be Kind – The group should never be used as a platform to air views/grievances regarding a teacher, child or parent in the class or school. Don’t gossip or share your own personal grievances.

Be Focused – The group is not a political platform for airing opinions on current affairs, it’s for school or kiddo-related topics. Do not spam the group and try to keep things focused.

Be Inclusive – The group is for topics that benefit everyone and should not be used for private conversations with anyone else using the group. Remember PHS’ mission and core values and exercise mutual respect and cultural sensitivity.

Be Respectful – Do not share private information. Take care when sharing any photos of PHS families to the group, ask permission and do not reshare any photos of others.